I teach a variety of classes in software engineering, depending on what my department needs from me. Recently, I’ve got engaged in teaching innovation, start-ups and product management (–kandidat–180-hp). The class is about how a good business model looks like in software engineering.

I also teach a class where my students work at industry as an independent team and “sell” their product to the company or on a free market:) – My students learn how to work in teams with a real customer – yes, it’s a real customer and they develop a real product.

I also give dedicated courses in AI for Decision makers, where I introduce the concepts of AI and do some exercises during one day –

I also offer master and bachelor thesis topics in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, mining software repositories, source code analyses, defect prediction models, visualisation and software analytics, software architectures and software design. Please contact me if you have a proposal in that area.

An overview of the classes and research I do can be found below (video from my visit to Microsoft Research in 2018).