AI for Decision Makers

This seminar is designed for decision makers who would like to know how machine learning and artificial intelligence work, and how to use it.

During the course, I will explain the basics of artificial intelligence, show examples of how to use it and, most importantly, demonstrate how it works.

You do not need any specific competence to follow the course, but if you want to, you can play around with the data and the scripts. In order to do that, please take a look at this film how to get started with Google colab:

Please, take a look at this film that will introduce you to the actual programming environment. You will not need to program, but I would really like you to see how machine learning/artificial intelligence looks like. Once you see it, you will know how to use it in your company and how to assess your suppliers when they deliver machine learning solutions.

Reading materials:

During the course I will ask you to prepare a case of where you see the most potential for using AI in your company. Once we go through the demonstration, you will see what kind of data you could use.

Before the course, please think about the following aspects:

  • Which part of the company has the most data?
  • Which data can we use (according to GDPR), and who owns the data?
  • If we put the data in one large table – do we know which decisions we can make for each row?
  • How much historical data do we have that contains “labels”, i.e. which decisions we took based on it? What’s the format of it?

Recording and slides

  • Recording of the lecture: link (300 MB)
  • Slides from the lecture: link

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